Vulnerability and Threat Assessment/Mitigation

Corporate Security Mitigation Strategies - Locally and Internationally

Security risks have accelerated to become more complex in recent years and this increase in pace means staying current is becoming increasing more difficult. Threats such as terrorism, organised crime and information security, are asymmetric and networked at the same time, making them more difficult to manage. 

There is also greater appreciation of the interdependence between risk ownership and risk treatment which significantly impacts on the an organisations capacity and capability to implement and manage its risk profile. As a result, security has a higher dependency on the integrated efforts of all risk owners that are either partners. 

CSI partners with organisations who are looking for new ways to manage these risks. CSI understands that the recent release of Australia’s Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism (the strategy) has required government and organisations to consider the implications of this strategy. The Strategy requires organisations to accept and undertake the primary responsibility for protecting their sites, including a duty of care to take steps to protect people that work, use or visit their sites from a range of foreseeable threats, including the threat of terrorism. 

Corporate Vulnerability and Threat Assessment/Mitigation

Our Objective

To protect the lives of people working in, using, and visiting crowded places to make these places more resilient by:

  • Applying assessment and mitigation strategies that are nationally consistent, proportionate and, to every extent possible, preserve the public’s use and enjoyment of public places by prioritising the highest risk areas of a crowded place
  • Developing strong and sustainable partnerships between governments and the private sector to better protect crowded places
  • Understanding the threat posed by particular weapons and tactics (e.g. vehicles, improvised explosive devices) to crowded places
  • Reducing both the likelihood of a terrorist attack occurring and the consequences of such an attack through robust, protective security planning and the deployment of well-considered and tested protective security mitigation strategies.

With our experienced and professional staff we assure you a quality service when providing;

  • Proven delivery of safety and security measures in accordance with the Strategy
  • Strong foundations in police, military, special operations, government, emergency services, private industry, and program management
  • Proven delivery of International Best Practice innovative solutions endorsed by relevant regulatory government agencies
  • Our capabilities include proven experience in high risk dynamic environments

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