Event and Crisis Management Solutions

Specialised Services for Event Planning, Disaster and Crisis Management

Safety and security delivery for planned events has become more complex in recent years with the increase in threats such as terrorism, organised crime and information security. There is also greater appreciation for the interdependences required between all stakeholders involved in delivering a safe and secure event. 

Any venue or public space that gathers a crowd, in a predictable nature, is now a highly-prioritised risk for responsible organisations. According to ASIO, terrorist attack planning in Australia will probably continue to involve weapons and tactics that are low-cost and low-capability. When a crisis evolves reliance on practical easy to follow plans is paramount to a successful resolution. 

The development, regular review and practice of these plans will hasten the resolution of any crisis and give confidence to an organisation that, although unpredictable, defensible processes will be followed which will enhance public safety. The CSI team have many years experience in Event Planning and disaster and crisis management. They have developed comprehensive plans and conducted practical exercises and training to review and practice these plans.

Event and Crisis Management Solutions

Event Management

We provide your team with the knowledge and skills to apply an all hazards approach to Event Management from stakeholder identification/engagement, planning and operationalising the agreed plan.

Crisis Management

We can support you team with our expertise in Crisis and Disaster Planning, Training, and Exercising from Preparedness to Recovery.

Here are some notable items regarding our event and crisis management experience:

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