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CSI’s corporate strengths are derived from the integrity of our individuals and from our collective professionalism. The hands on expertise is reflected by our director, who has had service in the military and specialist police emergency response teams prior to spending the last decade working for Government agencies in various hostile environments globally. As CorpSec has grown and developed over the years so has our passion and expertise. By combining global best practices with our knowledge and skills satisfaction is assured.

Corpsec Founding Director - Glenn Upson

Glenn Upson

Corpsec Director - Danny Baade

Danny Baade

Corpsec Director - Des Lacy

Des Lacy

Corpsec Director - Julian Siebrand

Julian Siebrand


Business Solutions & Key Deliverables

CSI provides a comprehensive range of services, management skills and business solutions. As an organisation, we are committed to the delivery of strategic solutions which are current, cost-effective, timely and appropriate, to what are often complex or emergent situations – and always with the emphasis on discretion and service excellence.

To ensure we consistently hit the mark on all the services we provide our clients, we have developed our own internal key performance indicators, which we apply to all elements of our business as follows:

  • Client benefits - We develop readily integrated management and training solutions through realised knowledge to provide commercial advantage and risk mitigation strategies.
  • Operational efficiencies - We recognise and manage critical thinking processes for our clients by applying consideration to all possible crisis variables. We reduce or eliminate the inefficiencies from inadequate planning, training gaps, asset exposure and global threat; and we minimise the impact of 'down-time' during periods of unplanned events.
  • Training and development - We apply our extensive experience in security and training to determine and maintain competencies for CSI personnel, which reflects clients' needs, and address 'problem' areas, via tailored and accredited internal development programmes.
  • Standardisation and quality enhancement - We maintain and continually update a common operating platform, for standardisation across our business whilst remaining mindful that our clients' needs are often diverse and complex. This process is supported by robust and integrated QA processes, crisis reduction methodologies and peer review.
On choosing to engage with us, we provide a dedicated representative who connects our management team with our client through a single point of contact, available 24 hours a day. The client representative is empowered to make immediate decisions in response to any emerging situation, under any conditions.

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  • We will endeavour to contact you within 48hrs or feel free to call on +61 400 005 744.
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